Monster Zero Playlist
Sunday, November 16, 2008, 0600-0900

Back to the [YAWN] early morning hours.

dylan, bob - Desolation Row
davis, miles - Just Squeeze Me
wolf, howlin - Back Door Man
Eric Burdon and The Animals - Mama Told me not to come
the clash - Rock the Casbah
Mraz, Jason - Details in the Fabric
newman, Randy - Harps and Angels
counting crows - On a tuesday in amsterdam long ago
dylan bob - sugar baby
jimmy hughes - stormy monday blues
greeen arrows - wasara wasara
eli paper boy Reed - take my love with you
groucho marx - bachelor and the spinster on you bet your life
joe chambers - new world
cake - Jolene
allen toussant - back in my babys arms
budos band - budos rising
JJ Cale - days go by
marvin gaye - sandman
Buju Banton - champion
Azuquita y su orquesta melao - Guajiro Bacan
howling wolf - red rooster
John Lee Hooker - Pots on, Gas on High
The Dead Hensons - Pinball
Randy Newman - I don't want to hear it anymore
reddy , sprinivas, and sameer Gupta - Raga Hemant
Jason Mraz - butterfly
Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive
tangle eye - John Henry's Blues
allen toussant - southern nights
kinks - Lola

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