Monster Zero Playlist
Monday, January 29, 2007, 2130-2400

The Cure, "A Forest"
Daisy Chainsaw, "I Feel Insane"
Butthole Surfers, "Shame of Life"
Lady Sovereign, "Love Me or Hate Me Remix (f. Missy Elliott)"

The B-52's, "Cake"
Organic Grooves, "Banal Reality" (Blues Lounge comp)
Cornelius, "Count Five or Six"
Mochipet, "Robot Girl"
Brazilian Girls, "Last Call Remix (instrumental)"

Gojogo, "Tezeta"
Selda, "Niye Cattin Kaslarini"
Basement Jaxx, "Right Here's the Spot"
Tantroniq, "Toys"
Lemon, "Won't You Join Me for a Drink?" (Ursadelica comp)
Shitake Monkey, "Baby Baby"

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, "Dr. Bombay"
DAT Politics, "Space Kitchen Comparison"
Amon Tobin, "Back From Space"
Crispin Glover, "Clowny Clown Clown"
Freaky Chakra, "Transcendental Funk Bump"
SSI, "E Pluribus Unum V"

L'Uisine, "Glitch" (Refurbished Robots: KVRX Live Vol.4 comp)
Frank De Jojo, "Come Home Baby" (Ursadelica comp)
Lawsuit, "Byrne David Byrne"
Shout Out Out Out Out, "Chicken Soup for the Fuck You"
Bruce Springsteen, "Candy's Room"
MC Lars, "Mr. Raven"

Rosalia De Sousa, "Maria Moita" (Brazilian Groove)
The Puppets, "Shake With Me" (Joe Meek Freakbeat comp)

Bytecon, "At the Robodock"

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