Monster Zero Playlist
Sunday, October 15, 2006, 0600-0900

Cornelius, “Count 5 or 6”
The Capricorns, “The New Sound”
The B-52’s, “Private Idaho”
Persephone’s Bees, “Way to Your Heart”
An Albatross, “Lysergically Yours My Psychedelic Bride”

Coil, “Disco Hospital / Teenage Lightning I / Things Happen”
(Entertainment Calendar)
The Bran Flakes, “The Enchanted Bus”
Ratatat, “Wildcat”
Trotters, “Ice Ice Bacon” (Ministry of Shit comp)
Beck, “We Dance Alone”
Mason Williams, “Classical Gas”

Rage Against the Machine, “Bounce”
Black Machine, “How Gee”
Theme from the original Star Trek
Information Society, “Pure Energy”
Bally Jagpal, “Pheli War” (Asian Groove comp)
Musical Youth, “Pass the Dutchie”
Butthole Surfers, “Shame of Life”
Tantroniq, “Mantra Machine”
A Plus D, “Beethoven’s 5th Gold Digger” (Best Bootlegs in the World Ever Are From San Francisco vol. 2 comp)
TRS-80, “Title Theme”
Ugly Duckling, “Turn It Up / Meatshake”

Dennis DJ, “Vascao 2000”
Galactic, “Bongo Joe”
Chroniq, “However Hard It Might Be” (Yuria comp)
Chumbawamba, “Hey Hey We’re the Junkies”
Kumquat, “Circle Stars”
Ween, “I Can’t Put My Finger On It”
PM Dawn, “Norwegian Wood”
Weird Al Yankovich, “Don’t Download This Song”

Butthole Surfers, “John E. Smokes”

Little Axe, “Midnight Dream” (Blues Lounge comp)

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