Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, May 27, 2006, 0600-0900

Juno Reactor, “High Energy Protons”
Gnarls Barkley, “Go-Go Gadget Gospel”
Fanny Pack, “Keep It Up”
Rubin Steiner, “Your Life Is Like a Tony Conrad concert”

Bally Jagpal, “Pheli War”
The Coup, “Ghetto Manifesto” (Paris presents Hard Truth Soldiers comp)
Broun Fellinis, “Soulogik Syntax”

Cornelius, “Count 5 or 6”
Daft Punk, “Teachers”
The Beat Club, “Intro” & “Aotomate Destruction”
Dr. Didj, “Sub-Aqua”

Hallucinogen, “Solstice”
Bran Flakes, “Good Times a Goo Goo”
Modeselektor, “Dancing Box”
MC Lars, “Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)”
Panjabi MC, “Beware”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Liars, “Tumbling Walls Buried Me In the Debris”
Ween, “Never Squeal”

Dwayne Sodahberk, “Open Cuts”
King Missile III, “Hamsters”
Evolution Control Committee, “I Want A Cookie”

Alif Tree, “L’amor Nunca Muere”
Boomish, “Cool Jerk”
Cybotron, “Alleys Of Your Mind”
Covenant, “Sweet & Salty”
Sote, “Track 2” (Album title: “Dastgaah”)

Sezen Aksu, “Sanima Inanma” (Turkish Groove comp)
Los Del Abajo, “A La Orillita”
Envelopes, “Sister In Love”
Pest, “Chicken Spit”

Butthole Surfers, “John E. Smokes”
The Faint, “Desperate Guys”
Electric Six, “Gay Bar”

Tantroniq, “The Purchase” & “Toys”

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