Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, April 22, 2006, 0600-0900

Aphex Twin, “4”
Synapscape, “Kollberg”
The Streets, “War of the Sexes”

Nilgul, “Pis Pisla” (Turkish Groove comp)
Gecko Turner, “Sabes Quien Te Quiere?”
The Dead Milkmen, “Take Me To the Specialist”
MC Lars, “Download This Song”
Cake, “Mr. Mastodon Farm”
All Girl Summer Fun Band, “Later Operator”

Dr. Didj, “Sub-Aqua”
Daft Punk, “Digital Love”
Deee-Lite, “Good Beat”
Basement Jaxx, “Right Here’s the Spot”
Inclitorotti, “Marijuana”

Shalabi Effect, “Vegas Radiation”
Tom Waits, “What He Building?”
Art of Noise, “Paranoimia”
Thomas Dolby, “She Blinded Me with Science”
They Might Be Giants, “Particle Man”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Samite, “Nawe Okiwulira”
Huun Huur Tu, “Kojamyk”

Herb Alpert, “Bittersweet Samba (remixed by Mocean Worker)” (Rewhipped)
E.L.O., “In Old England Town (instrumental)”
Flaming Lips, “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”
Cameo, “Word Up”

Tantroniq, “Mantra Machine”
Bassnectar, “Leprechauns Arise”
Angie Reed, “I Don’t Do Dirty Work Sucka”
Sir Alice, “L’Amour Made in Taiwan”

Banyan, “El Sexxo”
Slint, “Good Morning Captain”
Panjabi MC, “Buzzin’”
Sparks, “Amateur Hour”

Earth Wind & Fire, “Let’s Groove”
Speed of Sound, “Bloodstock”
Stereolab, “Interlock”

Scanalyzer, “Additionally All That Work”

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