Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, April 8, 2006, 0600-0900

Miranda July, “I Can Japan”
Ugly Duckling, “The Drive-Thru / Mr. Tough Guy”
Gnarls Barkley, “Go Go Gadget Gospel”
Butthole Surfers, “Woly Boly”
Anti-Clockwise, “The Eye of the Driver”
Tantroniq, “Helix”

Ty, “Ha Ha”
Tinariwen, “Amassakoul’N’Tenere”
Genesis, “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight”
Flaming Lips, “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”
Audio Bullys, “All Sing Along”
Chemical Brothers, “Come With Us”

Sobanza Mimanisa, “Kiwembo” (Congotronics 2 comp)
Alif Tree, “L’Amor Nunca Muere”

Brian Glaze, “Oh My God, God”
Chumbawamba, “Drip Drip Drip”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Why?, “Rubber Traits”
Bassnectar, “Force of Suction”

Freaky Chakra, “Hallucifuge (Freaky Chicken Peck)”
Ghostland Observatory, “Move With Your Lover”
My Robot Friend, “The Power of Love”
Tamara Garrett, “Kitty Poo”

Badawi, “I Said Oblivion”
Tantroniq, “Toys”
Ween, “Little Birdy”
The Advantage, “Wizards & Warriors”
Trans Am, “Cologne”
Freeland, “We Want Your Soul” (Peace Not War Vol. 2)

Kush Arora, “Cold World”
Anomaly, “Dust”
Stereolab, “Interlock”
Velvet Underground, “Heroin”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, “Young Shields”

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