Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, April 1, 2006, 0600-0900

Happy April Fool's Day! This was a fun show; I told a lie in every microphone break, but I hope no one got too confused.

King Geedorah, “Monster Zero”
Audio Bullys, “All Sing Along”
Nava, “Hey You” (Rough Guide to Urban Latino comp)
Anomaly, “Dust”

Organic Grooves, “Banal Reality” (Blues Lounge comp)
N.W.A., “Straight Outta Compton (clean version)”
Daft Punk, “Aerodynamic”
Little Axe, “Long Way To Go” (Blues Lounge comp)
Clouseaux, “Shrunken Heads”
The Go! Team, “Bottle Rocket”

Rubin Steiner, “Nylon Pt. 2”
King Crimson, “Thela Hun Ginjeet”
Foo Fighters, “Learn To Fly”
Pink Floyd, “Learning To Fly”
Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Awakening”

Pest, “Chicken Spit”
Ghostland Observatory, “Piano Man”
Gnarls Barkley, “Gone Daddy Gone”
Muppets, “Manahmanah”
The Dead Hensons, “Pinball”
Weird Al Yankovic, “Dare To Be Stupid”
(Entertainment Calendar)
War, “Low Rider”
Ween, “The Shot Heard Round The World”

Evolution Control Committee, “I Want a Cookie”
The Flying Pickets(?), “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Flaming Lips, “Fight Test”
Sierra Maestra, “Donde Va Chichi?” (Rough Guide to Afro-Cuba comp)
J. Dilla, “Workinonit”
Alien Ant Farm, “Smooth Criminal”
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, “You Spin Me Round ‘86”
Kumquat, “The Windmills The Fairies”

The Age of Rockets, “Track 9”
DJ Fuse One, “Tracks 16 &17”
Waterbone, “Tantra” (Essential World Disc 1999 comp)
Faith No More, “Crack Hitler”

ZZ Top, “Manic Mechanic”
The Bobs, “Bus Plunge”
Dr. Didj, “Sub-Aqua”
Kid 606, “Done With the Scene (Bravecaptain remix)”

Twink, “Boys & Girls”

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