Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, March 4, 2006, 0600-0900

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, “Mystic Sarod”
Dr. Didj, “Sub-Aqua”
Twink, “The Great Circus Show”
The Capricorns, “The New Sound”
Os Carrascos, “Labirinto Dos Carrasco”
The B-52’s, “Detour Through Your Mind”

Pink Floyd, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts VI-X”
Nick Cave, “Muddy Water”

Sutekh, “Warm Rod” (Context Unravelled comp)
Safety Scissors, “Rubber Stamp” (Context Unravelled comp)
Volcano, “Larchmontt’s Arrival”
They Might Be Giants, “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love”
Bassnectar, “STS9 – Some Sing”
Jurassic Five, “The Influence”
Lauryn Hill, “Everything Is Everything”

Kelis, “Milkshake”
Chicks On Speed, “Give Me back My Man”
DJ Cheb I Sabbah, “Solace: Saptak, the Samaya Mix”
Information Society, “Pure Energy”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Out Hud, “This Just In / It’s For You”

Green Velvet, “Flash (DTs Flashapella)”
Black Machine, “Funky Funky People”
We Be The Echo, “Don’t Concentrate on the Finger…Or You’ll Miss the Heavenly Glory”
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, “Young Shields”
The Flying Pickets, “Tainted Love”

The Nylons, “For The Longest Time”
Belle & Sebastian, “White Collar Boy”
The Bots, “Fuzzy Math” (George W. Bush’s Greatest Hits)
Ghostland Observatory, “Sad Sad City”
Field Music, “If Only The Moon Were Up”
Go Home Productions, “Crazy Little Fool”

Freeland, “We Want Your Soul” (Peace Not War vol. 2 comp)
Cheikh N’digel Lo, “M’Beddemi” (Rough Guide to Afro-Cuba comp)
“The Six Million Dollar Man theme”
R.E.M., “Get Up”

Nameless & Faceless, “Whitey On The Moon”
Mogwai, “Folk Death 95”
Art of Noise f. Max Headroom, “Paranoimia”
Rage Against the Machine & Snoop Dogg, “Bounce”

Captain Sensible, “Wot”

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