Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, January 21, 2006, 0600-0900

My Best of 2005 show.

Jamiroquai, “Feels Just Like It Should”
Twink, “Mr. Magic”
Supervillains, “March Of The Suckbots”
Kasabian, “Lost Souls Forever” (Stealth soundtrack)
Gorillaz, “Feel Good Inc.”

Bassnectar, “Mesmerizing The Ultra”
Boozoo Bajou, “Way Down”
Pete Miser, “Scent Of A Robot”
Messer Chups, “Diabolik Boogie”
Beck, “Girl”
Rubin Steiner, “Nylon Part 2”

MIA, “Amazon”
Alacran, “Reflejo De Luna” (Latin Lounge comp from Putumayo)
Rasputina, “When I Was a Young Girl”
Rasputina, “Barracuda”
Brothers Johnson, “Get The Funk Out Ma Face”
Paul Hartnell, “Ignition” (Wipeout Pure comp)

Out Hud, “This Just In”
Venetian Snares, “Choprite”
LFO, “Flu Shot” (Wipeout Pure comp)
Beck, “Bad Cartridge” (Gameboy Variations EP)
Supersystem, “Born Into the World”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Beck, “Ghetto Chip Malfunction” (Gameboy Variations EP)
Bebe, “Siempre Me Quedara” (Latin Lounge comp from Putumayo)
Agentss, “Agentss” (Nao Wave comp)

Twink, “Boys & Girls”
Ween, “Monique The Freak”
Fanny Pack, “Keep It Up”
Blackalicious, “World Of Vibrations”
Lady Sovereign, “A Little Bit of Shhh (Smallstars remix by Adrock)”
MIA, “Hombre”

DJ Shadow, “3 Freaks”
Gorillaz, “Last Living Souls”
Boomish, “Cool Jerk”
K-Otix, “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

Ben Kweller, “Lollipop” (Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack)
Bassnectar, “The Sound”
Out Hud, “One Life To Leave”
Rubin Steiner, “Your Life Is Like a Tony Conrad concert”

Twink, “The Great Circus Show”

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