Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, November 5, 2005, 0600-0900

Belle & Sebastian, “Your Cover’s Blown”
Daft Punk, “Aerodynamic”
Dr. Didj, “Pianola Strut”
Butthole Surfers, “Mexico”
Black Flag, “Gimme Gimme Gimme”
Ween, “How High Can You Fly”
Spencer Davis Group, “Keep On Running”
Hieroglyphics, “Fantasy Island”
Bach, “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor”

Bloc Party, “Like Eating Glass”
Princess Superstar, “Intro Via The Telepath”
Princess Superstar, “I Like It A Lot”

Chemical Brothers, “Three Little Birdies Down Beats”
Hollertronix, “Gothatronix”

Senor Coconut, “Vanessinha & Alessandra: Gira”
Senor Coconut, “Malha Funk: Nova Danca”
Senor Coconut, “Os Carrascos: Labirinto Dos Carrasco”
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P, “tracks 12 & 13”

Idiot Flesh, “The Nothing Show”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Charming Hostess, “Laws Of Physics”
Rasputina, “Barracuda”
Jamiroquai, “Feels Just Like It Should”

Sluggo, “Vroom”
Leonard Bernstein, “America” (West Side Story soundtrack)
!!!, “Intensify”
Freaky Chakra, “Hallucifuge”
Panjabi MC, “Beware (Jay-Z Remix)”
Blackalicious, “World Of Vibrations”
Furacao 2000, “Mengao 2000 Pt. 1” (Rio Baile Funk comp)
Kumquat, “Circle Stars”

Safety Scissors, “After Disaster”
L’Trimm, “Cars That Go Boom”
The Orb, “Fluffy Little Clouds”
Foo Fighters, “Have A Cigar”
Ace Of Base, “The Sign”
War, “Low Rider”
REM, “What’s The Frequency Kenneth?”
Hieroglyphics, “Let It Roll”

Jethro Tull, “Aqualung”

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