Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, October 15, 2005, 0600-0900

Ty, “Ha Ha”
Del, “Dr. Bombay”
De La Soul, “Buddy”

Jump/Cut, “Superior Conjunction”
Rubin Steiner, “Your Life Is Like A Tony Conrad Concert”
Evolution Control Committee, “I Want A Cookie”
Panjabi MC, “Yaaran Kollon Sikh Kuriye”
Mylo, “Musclecar Reform Reprise”

Negativland “Favorite Things”
Broadcast, “Goodbye Girls”
Squeeze, “Goodbye Girl”
E.L.O., “Mr. Blue Sky”

Led Zeppelin, “Moby Dick”
Aphex Twin, “4”
Hollertronix, “Them Words”
Dangerdoom, “Space Ho's”

Galactic, “Bongo Joe”
The Specials, “Ghost Town”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Freaky Chakra, “Hallucifuge”
Beck, “Ghost Range”

Vanessinha & Alessandra, “Gira” (Remixed by Senor Coconut: Coconut FM comp)
Malha Funk, “Nova Danca” (Remixed by Senor Coconut: Coconut FM comp)
Os Carrascos, “Labirinto Dos Carrasco” (Remixed by Senor Coconut: Coconut FM comp)
Horace X, “Skin”
Blackalicious, “Powers”

Kumquat, “The Windmills The Fairies”
Himuro, “My Beats Your Beats”
K-Otix, “George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People”
Kanye West, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”
DVDA, “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” (South Park movie soundtrack)

Dr. Didj, “Sub-Aqua”
The Frantics, “Ti Kwan Leep”
English Beat, “March of the Swivelheads”
Art of Noise, “Paranoimia”
Primus, “Have A Cigar”

Cybotron, “Clear”

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