Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, October 8, 2005, 0600-0900

Daisy Chainsaw, “Dog With Sharper Teeth”
Brainiac, “Hot Metal Dobermans”
Supersystem, “Born Into The World”
Cake, “Never There”
Dangerdoom, “Space Hos”
Dr. Octagon, “Blue Flowers”

E.L.O., “Don't Bring Me Down”
Fountains of Wayne, “Baby One More Time”
Dandy Warhols, “Love Is The New Feel Awful”
Ween, “Voodoo Lady”

Morcheeba, “Trigger Hippie”
Rodger Collins, “Foxy Girls In Oakland” (Get Your Lie Straight comp)
Panjabi MC, “Mirza Part 2”

Electric Six, “Gay Bar”
Dead Milkmen, “Take Me To the Specialist”
Beatles, “I Am the Walrus”

Danielle Dax, “Tomorrow Never Knows”
Maximum Joy, “Stretch” (Grlz-Women Ahead of Their Time comp)
General Elektriks, “C'est l'introduction”
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Devo, “Uncontrollable Urge”
Flaming Lips, “Fight Test”
Beck, “Fax Machine Anthem”
Supervillains, “March of the Suckbots”
My Robot Friend, “The Power Of Love”
Robots In Disguise, “Mnemonic”
Mylo, “Paris Four Hundred”
The Residents, “Laughing Song”

Daft Punk, “Digital Love”
Le Tigre, “Don't Drink Poison”
Ladytron, “Destroy Everything You Touch”

Butthole Surfers, “Shame of Life”
Organic Grooves, “Banal Reality” (Blues Lounge comp)
Mochipet, “Yorgl-Feel My Sacred Cow Mix”
Freeland, “We Want Your Soul” (Peace Not War Vol. 2 comp)
Robot USA, “Let's Get Optical”
Ammon Contact, “Futuro”

Trotters, “Ice Ice Bacon” (Ministry of Shit comp)
Jesse Saunders, “Yeah” (Modulations soundtrack)
Yello, “Oh Yeah”

Barcelona, “Robot Trouble”

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