Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, July 23, 2005, 0600-0900

Rhany, “Un Mot De Toi” (North African Groove comp)
Black Future, “Eu Sou O Rio“ (Nao Wave comp)

Barcelona, “Studio Hair Gel”
Daft Punk, “Aerodynamic”
Information Society, “Pure Energy”
Brainiac, “Hot Metal Dobermans”
Daisy Chainsaw, “I Feel Insane”

J.J. Cale, “Days Go By”
Outkast, “Hey Ya”
Cake, “The Distance”
Evolution Control Committee, “Rocked By Rape”

Wax Tailor, “Ungodly Fruit”
Bebel Gilberto, “Aganju [remixed by Spiritual South]”
Mu-Ziq, “World of Leather”
Gorillaz, “Dirty Harry”
Midival Punditz, “God Of Love”

Adrian Sherwood, “Hari Up Hari”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Phenomenauts, “Space Fight”
Outhud, “This Just In”
Japanese Telecom, “Japanese Animation”
Butthole Surfers, “Strangers Die Every Day”
Supervillains, “March of the Suckbots”
Fatboy Slim, “Weapon of Choice”

R.E.M., “Get Up”
Chaka Khan, “I Feel For You”
Fanny Pack, “Keep It Up”
Avalanches, “Frontier Psychiatrist”
O Corrascos, “Pique Ta” (Rio Baile Funk comp)
Jazzkanline, “[track 6]”

Nouvelle Vague, “A Forest”
Deep Forest, “Deep Forest”
B-52s, “The World's Green Laughter”
Meryn Cadell, “The Sweater”

Gorillaz, “Dare”
Kelis, “Milkshake”
Joe Logic, “Pinkarama”
Lauryn Hill, “Everything Is Everything”

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