Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, July 16, 2005, 0600-0900

King Crimson, “Elephant Talk”
Angie Reed, “I Don't Do Dirty Work Sucka”
Cake, “Never There”
Rubin Steiner, “Your Life Is Like A Tony Conrad Concert”
Outhud, “This Just In/It's For You”

Chemical Bros., “Spring”
Garbage, “Metal Heart”
Pete Miser, “Scent of a Robot”
Captured By Robots, “Thrashersize”
KMFDM, “A Drug Against War”

DJ Shadow, “Organ Donor”
Tinariwen, “Amassakoul N Tenere” (Putumayo Presents Mali comp)
Prelude 73, “Minutes Away Without You”
Slint, “Breadcrumb Trail”

Agentss, “Agentss” (Nao Wave comp)
Weird Al Yankovic, “One More Minute”
Frank Zappa, “Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder”

Evolution Control Committee, “Toast Love”
(Entertainment Calendar)
Beastie Boys, “Shadrach”
Funk Como Le Gusta, “S.O.S.”
Orishas, “Ninos”
Gorillaz, “Dare”

King Missile, “Cheesecake Truck”
Celtic Cross, “Hicksville”
Cheb Jilani, “Bahebbak” (North African Groove comp)
Butthole Surfers, “Shame of Life”
Dhamaal Sound System , “R/evolution”
Buggles, “Video Killed the Radio Star”

The Faint, “Desperate Guys”
Black Machine, “Funky Funky People”
Lyrics Born, “I'm Just Raw”
Warbler, “[untitled]” (Homemade Hits Vol. 2 comp)
Chumbawamba, “Wizard Of Menlo Park”

Rocketship, “Rocketship's Got Something” (Homemade Hits Vol. 2 comp)
Kumquat, “The Lawn Is Gonna Die”
Inclitorotti, “Marijuana”
Musical Youth, “Pass The Dutchie”
M.D. Queue, “Push It Como Va”

Sxip Shirey, “La Sirena De La Luna”

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