Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, October 9, 2004, 0600-0900

Jurassic 5, “Quality Control”
John Williams, “T-Rex Rescue & Finale” (Jurassic Park soundtrack)
Jacqueline Humbert, “Profile”

Redressers, “Subrosa”
Richard Locker, “Reb Dovid’l”
Magnetic Fields, “I Thought you Were My Boyfriend (single edit)”
Japanese Telecom, “Japanese Animation”
Bjork, “Where Is The Line”

Beatles, “Day Tripper”
Prefuse 73, “Choking You”
Hans Reichel, “Le Bal (excerpt)” (Gravikords, Whirlies, & Pyrophones comp)

Skinny Puppy, “Neuwerld”
Buthole Surfers, “Weber”
Freaky Chakra, “Hallucifuge”
Kid Koala, “More Dance Music”

The Faint, “Desperate Guys”
Lauryn Hill, “Everything Is Everything”
George Danquan, “Just A Moment” (The Danque comp)
(Entertainment Calendar)
The B-52’s, “Rock Lobster”

Robots In Disguise, “Mnemonic”
DJ Lars, “The Raven”
William Shatner, “Common People”
Elastica, “Vaseline”
Dhamaal Sound Ssytem, “Folklore”

Negativland, “Yellow Black & Rectangular”
Secret Mommy, “The Beach”
Soft Pink Truth, “Coat Check”
Kumquat, “Circle Stars”
Mark Brine, “Ukelele Yodeling Blues”
Baby Jaymes, “Everyday Everynite”
Fatboy Slim, “Don’t Let the Man Get You Down”
Evolution Control Committee, “I Want A Cookie”

Bjork, “Oceania”
Jackson 5, “Sugar Daddy”
Alien Ant Farm, “Smooth Criminal”
Murray Head, “One Night In Bangkok”
Cake, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle”

Bran Flakes, “The Enchanted Bus”

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