Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, June 26, 2004, 0600-0900

Nickel Creek, “Spit On A Stranger”
Jethro Tull, “Aqualung”
King Crimson, “Elephant Talk”

Kraftwerk, “Klang Klang Radio Mix”
Soft Pink Truth, “Gender Studies”
Konk, “Baby Dee”
B-52’s, “Summer of Love”

Attaboy & Burke, “Dr.”
Fudgie & Fufu, “I’m Sincere”
Skinny Puppy, “Downsizer”
Scissor Sisters, “Comfortably Numb”

Neu!, “Lila Engel”
Negativland, “The Answer Is…”
Ty, “Ha Ha”
Vybz Kartel, “Sweet To the Belly”

Slow Train Soul, “Naturally”
Tom Waits, “What’s He Building?”
(Entertainment Calendar)
RJD2, “Since We Last Spoke”
Adrian Sherwood, “No Dog Jazz”
David Schwartz, “Theme from Northern Exposure”
Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet, “Having An Average Weekend”
Danny Elfman, “The Simpsons”

Mr. Bungle, “Squeeze Me Macaroni”
Basement Jaxx, “Good Luck”
Mochipet, “Yes vs NoMeansNo”

Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet, “OP/BI”
Ravi Shankar, “Dhun”
Midival Punditz, “Bhangra Fever”
Dhamaal Sound System, “Tazan Lookout”

Yo Miles, “Directions”
Cybotron, “Clear”
The Orb, “Thursday’s Keeper”

The Avalanches, “Frontier Psychiatrist”
The Frantics, “Ti Kwan Leep”

Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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