Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, April 3, 2004, 0600-0900

Celtic Cross, Hicksville
Pink Floyd, Learning to Fly
Genesis, Land of Confusion
Stereolab, Man with 100 Cells
Govinda, Static Apparition (Buddha Cafť comp)
Cale, J.J., Days Go By
Inclitorotti, Marijuana
Ugly Duckling, Turn It Up
Cheebacabra, The Players Rendezvous
Kumquat, Gradually Expanding Rutabaga
Ugly Duckling, The Drive-Thru
ECC, Rebel Without a Pause (Whipped Cream mix)
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P, tracks 15-16 (Uneasy Listening Vol.1)
Jay-J, Sugar Baby Darlin
Cui Jian, Fly
Blonde Redhead, Maddening Cloud
Ravi Shankar, Transmigration
PFFR, 3 Murdered, 5 Dead
The Youngers, Hanashitakunai (Banzai Freakbeat comp)
Butthole Surfers, Shame of Life
TheB-52ís, Planet Claire
Ugly Duckling, The Confrontation
Chumbawamba, Tubthumping
Nylons, One Fine Day
Earth Wind & Fire, Letís Groove
Client, Rock & Roll Machine
Nylons, Love Potion #9
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Sleep Is Rong
Unsung Heroes & TY, Right Here In Front of You (Rough Guide to African Rap comp)
De Long, Tara, Big Butt Daniela
Fanny Pack, Hey Mami
Espers, Meadow
Kihlstedt, Carla, Rooting For the Shy Librarian
Zappa, Frank, Which One Is It?
Trotters, Ice Ice Bacon (Ministry of Shit comp)
Stark Effect, Bunnyrabbits Satan Cheese & Milk
Butthole Surfers, Sweatloaf
Bran Flakes, Smith Corona 10 Day Typing Course
Butthole Surfers, Hetero Skeleton

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