Monster Zero Playlist
Saturday, March 13, 2004, 0600-0900

Cake, Frank Sinatra
Science Group, Timeline 5
Sharif, Shiraz (Sahara Groove comp)
Tara De Long, Big Butt Daniela
Basement Jaxx, Good Luck
Bahia El Idrissi, Arhil (Sahara Groove comp)
Reggie Rockstone, Eye Mo De Anaa (Rough Guide to African Rap)
Tabla Beat Science, Tala Matrix
Paris, Agents of Repression
Paris, What Would You Do?
Greg Palast, Who Won the War, Daddy?
Ween, Never Squeal
Weird Al Yankovic, Trash Day
The Frantics, Ti Kwan Leep
Barcelona, I Have the Password to Your Shell Account
B-52’s, Mesopotamia
Jurassic Five, Quality Control
John Williams, T-Rex Rescue and Finale (Jurassic Park soundtrack)
D.V.D.A., What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt II (South Park soundtrack)
Squeeze, Goodbye Girl
(Entertainment Calendar)
The Checkered Cabs, La Bamba (Skandalous Vol. 2 comp)
Evolution Control Committee, I Want a Cookie
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dr. Bombay
King Geedorah, Monster Zero
Negativland, The Gun and the Bible
Stark Effect, Think of Me
Trans Am, Uninvited Guest
They Might Be Giants, Women and Men
Inclitorotti, Marijuana
Govinda, Static Apparition (Buddha Café comp)
Tabla Beat Science, Ap Ke Baras
Celtic Cross, Hicksville
Trotters, Ice Ice Bacon (Ministry of Shit comp)
Butthole Surfers, Shame of Life
Studio Pagol, T.N.K.
Ikarus, Secrets of Tantra (Buddha Café comp)
Fanny Pack, Hey Mami
Panjabi MC, Yaaran Kolloh Sikh Kuriye
Dub Syndicate, Adam and Eve
Butthole Surfers, Eye of the Chicken
Butthole Surfers, Sweatloaf

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