Show Eighteen
Sunday, March 7, 2003, 0600-0900

My Show Eighteen playlist:

John Coltrane, Acknowledgements (A Love Supreme)
Buju Banton, Champion (remix)

A Tribe Called Quest, I Left my Wallet in El Segundo
Paris, Agents of Repression
Paris, What Would You Do?
Basement Jaxx, Right Here’s the Spot

Stereolab, Vonal Declosion
Joss Stone, Fell in Love with a Boy
Eddie Murphy, Boogie in Your Butt
Tom Tom Club, Genius of Love

King Geedorah, Monster Zero
Panjabi MC, Buzzin’
Prokofiev, March from ‘Love for Three Oranges’
Science Group, Timeline 6
Considerable Jesus, Roadability

Whale, Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
Tara De Long, Big Butt Daniela
Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Dr. Bombay
(Entertainment Calendar)
Frank Zappa, Things That Look Like Meat
Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Mistadobalina
DJ Egadz, False Triumph

Govinda, Static Apparition (Buddha Café comp)
Toyah, Dream House
The B-52’s, Strobe Light

They Might Be Giants, Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
The Cars, Hello Again
Kumquat, The Windmills The Fairies
Kid 606, The Illness
The Butthole Surfers, 22 Going On 23

Slint, Good Morning Captain
Dub Narcotic Sound System, Blood Flow
Modimo, Zion Train (Certified Dope)

Ween, Voodoo Lady
Fudgie & Fufu, I’m Sincere

Trotters, Ice Ice Bacon (Ministry of Shit)

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