Show Fifteen
Saturday, January 24, 2004, 0330-0600

My Show Fifteen playlist:

Stereototal, C'est La Mort
Cheebacabra, The Players Rendezvous
Attaboy & Burke, Nucleus Without A Cell
Buju Banton, Sensemilla Persecution

Bootcuts, Rhonda
Joss Stone, Fell In Love With a Boy
Danielle Dax, Tomorrow Never Knows
Tara De Long, Big Butt Daniela

Angie Reed, I Don't Do Dirty Work Sucka
DJ Format, Last Bongo In Brighton
Fred Astaire, Needle In a Haystack
Neung Phak, Cheer

Negativland, 180-G: A Big 10-8 Place pt. 2

Butthole Surfers, Eye of the Chicken
Loop!Station, Open
Butthole Surfers, Sweatloaf

Danielle Dax, Daisy
Hieroglyphics, Make Your Move
Jessica Care Moore, Sweetest Revolutionary (Funk Soul Groove comp)

Kid 606, Who Wah Kill Sound
King Geedorah, Monster Zero
Evolution Control Committee, Dominion Mother Russia

Quintron, Place Unknown
Stereototal, Get Down Tonight
Ugly Duckling, Turn It Up

Evolution Control Committee, Spread the Diagonal Chicken

Monster Zero Home