Show Fourteen
Saturday, January 10, 2004, 0330-0600

My Show Fourteen playlist:

Frank Zappa, "Alien Orifice" Panjabi MC, "Mirza Part 2"
Ssion, "Let Me Hear You Cry"
Manic Hispanic, "Barrio Land"
Basement Jaxx, "Right Here's The Spot"
Steely Dan, "Cousin Dupree"
Teletubbies, "Puddle Dance"
King Geedorah, "Monster Zero"
Stark Effect, "Think Of Me"
Bab & Polando 808, "Mas Que Nada" (Brazilian Groove comp)
Animaniacs, "Multiplication"
Tom Lehrer, "New Math"
Zuco 103, "Outro Lado" (Brazilian Groove comp)
Kumquat, "Kumquat Manifesto"
Beck, "Where It's At"
DJ Format, "Last Bongo In Brighton"
Buju Banton, "Champion (remix)"
Steel Pulse, "State Of Emergency"
DJs of Mass Destruction, "War (If It Feels Good Do It)"
Carla Kihlstedt, "Rooting For The Shy Librarian"
Charming Hostess, "Mi Nuera"
Toyah, "Homecraft"
Butthole Surfers, "Hay"
Afro Celt Sound System, "We Cannot Go Home"
Ravi Shankar, "Raga Palas Kafi"
Cat Five, "American Military Operations" (War [If It Feels Good Do It] comp)
Del, "What Is A Booty"
Weird Al, "A Complicated Song"
Ugly Duckling, "Turn It Up"
Unknown, Track 2 from "Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra" comp
Basement Jaxx, "Good Luck"
Ugly Duckling, "Dumb It Down"
Frank Zappa, "Montana"

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