Show Six
Sunday, August 24, 2003, 0330-0600

My Show Six playlist:

Martin Denny, "Quiet Village"
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, "Dr. Bombay"
De La Soul, "Buddy"
DJ Cam, "Pressure"
Danielle Dax, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
Daisy Chainsaw, "I Feel Insane"
Bran Flakes, "Bounces"
Deltron, "Thing You Can Do"
Bran Flakes, "Dear Mom and Dad"
Ween, "Zoloft"
Northern State, "A Thousand Words"
Pest, "Chicken Spit"
Santana, "Da Le Taleo"
Broun Fellinis, "Sleight of Hand"
Dengue Fever, "Lost In Laos"
Brazzaville, "Motel Room"
Faith No More, "Midlife Crisis"
Liz Phair, "H.W.C."
Prokofiev, "March from Love For Three Oranges"
Eddie Murphy, "Boogie In Your Butt"
Captain Sensible, "Wot"
Whale, "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe"
Devo, "Beautiful World"
Beehive & The Barracudas, "Stuck On the Bus"
Dj Cheb I Sabbah, "Colour Line"
Sunny Ade, "Sunny Ti De"
Bob Marley, "Put It On"
Peter Gabriel, "The Feeling Begins"
Client , "Price of Love"
Evolution Control Committee, "Dinner"
Butthole Surfers, "The Shame of Life"

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