Show Five
Sunday, July 27, 2003, 0330-0600

My Show Five playlist:

Prefuse 73, "Choking You"
Afrocelts, "Cyberia"
Buju Banton, "What Am I Gonna Do"
Jello Biafra, "Message From Our Sponsor"
Liz Phair, "Extraordinary"
Barnacled, "Sea Hag"
Ween, "It's Gonna Be a Long Night"
Ween, "Little Birdy"
Kumquat, "The Lawn Is Gonna Die"
Evolution Control Committee, "Have Some Candy"
Bran Flakes, "The Music From Another Planet"
David Cross, "Flying On A Mexican Plane"
Exploited, "Holiday In The Sun"
Exploited, "Affected By Them"
Hole, "Plump"
Exploited, "Alternative"
Groove Armada, "I See You Baby"
Jimi Hendrix, "Bleeding Heart"
Pink Floyd, "Dogs"
The Frantics, "Roman Numerals"
King Missile, "Jesus Was Way Cool"
Bunky, "Chuy"
Unsung Heroes, "Daily Intake"
Beenie Man, "Real Gangsta"
L'Trimm, "Cars That Go Boom"
Muppets, "Manahmanah"
Broun Fellinis, "Bounce"
Evolution Control Committee, "The Mighty Hamburger"
Frank Zappa, "Montana"
Cake, "The Distance"
Celtic Cross, "Hicksville"

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